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My diary

My diary

24/10/2007 - Starting a brand new life/me

I've made so much mistakes, so much wrong decisions.

Wish I could turn back time but what's done I can't re-do.


A couple of years ago I had a boyfriend.

It was serious between us, we had so much in comment but the distance was to kill.

We decided to finish what we had, but we've always said that if we were really ment to be, we would find eachother soon or later.

After we broke up, I never fell in love again.

That's how much I loved him.

Yesterday I dreamed about him, woke up with him on my minds and saw his name everywhere.

I thought it was just a sort of sign.

You know what I mean..

And everytime his screenname comes up, my stomache gets this strange feeling.

I kinda miss him, so bad :$.


And that made me thinking.

Thinking about me, my life, friends, family.

I came up with the idea that I should change.

Just me, nothing else.


So here I am, the new me..

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